All About Elvis - A Tribute To The King (2015)

All About Elvis - A Tribute To The King (2015)

წელი: 2015
ჟანრი: Rock And Roll, Rockabilly, Pop
ხარისხი: Mp3 / 320 kbps
ტრეკების რაოდენობა: 97
ფაილის ზომა: 520 Mb

1 Phil Gray: Pepper hot baby
2 Pat Cupp: Baby come back
3 Jay B. Loyd: I’m so lonely
4 Conway Twitty: Long black train
5 Roy Orbison: Domino
6 Don Ellis (1934-1978): Blue fire
7 Dick Glasser: Crazy love
8 Wayne Walker: You’ve got me (where I wanna be)
9 Chavis Brothers: Love me baby
10 Tracey Pendarvis: One of these days
11 Hayden Thompson: You are my sunshine
12 Ral Donner: That’s all right with me
13 Billy Barrix: Cool off baby
14 Billy Elridge: Half a heart
15 Curt Jensen: Just for you
16 Joe Hughes: Make me dance little ant
17 Eddie Daniels (geb. 1941): I wanna know (why you love me so)
18 Jimmy Stayton: You’re gonna treat me right
19 Ben Hewitt: I ain’t givin’ up nothin’
20 Phil Gray: Bluest boy in town
21 Jay B. Loyd: You’re just my kind
22 Bobby Lee: Run, fool, run
23 Hayden Thompson: Love my baby
24 Johnnie Fuller: First stages of the blues
25 JR Warren: Rock and roll fever
26 Jimmy Reagan: Lonely, lonely heart
27 Taylor, Bill & Cyclones, The: Nelda Jane
28 Jimmy Witter: If you love my woman
29 Sonny Wallace: Black cadillac
30 Tracey Pendarvis: It don’t pay
31 Phil Gray: Somebody’s got my baby
32 Pat Cupp: Do me no wrong
33 Sleepy LaBeff: Turn me loose

1 Carl Perkins (Guitar): That’s all right
2 Phil Gulley: Blue moon of Kentucky
3 Ricky Nelson: There’s good rockin’ tonight
4 Curtis Johnson: I don’t care if the sun don’t shine
5 Ricky Nelson: Milky cow blues
6 Buddy Holly: Baby, let’s play house
7 Vernon Taylor: Mystery train
8 Johnny Cash: I forgot to remember to forget
9 Thumper Jones: Heartbreak Hotel
10 Leon Payne: My baby left me
11 Jerry Lee Lewis: Don’t be cruel
12 Jimmy Bowen: Money honey
13 Billy Rocka: I’m gonna sit right down and cry
14 Trying to get you
15 Conway Twitty: Just because
16 Mackey Hargett: So glad you’re mine
17 Rex Masters: Too much
18 Otis Blackwell: All shook up
19 Jerry Lee Lewis: Mean woman blues
20 Eddie Cochran: Have I told you lately that I love you
21 Wanda Jackson: Let’s have a party
22 Frankie Lymon: Jailhouse rock
23 Buddy Holly: You’re so square (Baby I don’t care)
24 Earl Robbins: Treat me nice
25 Wanda Jackson: Hard headed woman
26 Conway Twitty: Lonely blue boy
27 Roger LaRue: I don’t care if the sun don’t shine
28 Sleepy LaBeff: Baby, let’s play house
29 Johnny Carroll: Tryin’ to get to you
30 Carl Perkins (Guitar): Good rockin’ tonight
31 Andy Anderson: I’m gonna sit right down and cry over you
32 Stan Freberg: Heartbreak Hotel
33 LaVern Baker: Hey, Memphis

1 Holly Twins: I want Elvis for Christmas
2 Link Davis: Trucker from Tennessee
3 Jonathan Craig: Rock-a-billy gal
4 P.Q. Rock ‘n’ Roll: All about Elvis [Parts 1 & 2]
5 Sonny Cole: I dreamed I was Elvis
6 Otto Bash: The Elvis blues
7 Billy Boyle: My baby’s crazy ’bout Elvis
8 Janis Martin: My boy Elvis
9 Bill Parsons: The all american boy
10 The Kids: Elvis and me
11 Lou Monte: Elvis Presley for president
12 Bunny Paul: Sweet talk
13 Don Hart: Presley on her mind
14 Virginia Lowe: I’m in love with Elvis Presley
15 Reed Harper: Oh Elvis
16 Pete De Bree: Hey, Mr Presley
17 Little Penn: I wanna spend X-mas with Elvis
18 Carmela Rosella: Oh! It was Elvis
19 Genee Harris: Bye bye Elvis
20 Mike Sarne: My baby’s crazy ’bout Elvis
21 Hayden Thompson: Rock-a-billy gal
22 Huey Long: Elvis stole my gal
23 Jimmy Woodall: Uncle Sam’s call
24 Arlin & Earl: Elvis Presley blues
25 Jaybee Wasden: Elvis in the army
26 Billy & Eddie: The king is coming back
27 Bobby Bare Sr.: I’m hangin’ up my rifle
28 The Hunt Sisters & Mark: Elvis is rocking again
29 The Valentines: The sock
30 Marlene Paula: I want to spend Christmas with Elvis
31 Audrey: Dear Elvis [Pages 1 & 2]


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